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After 16 years of industry experience, we deeply believe that the best outcomes are always driven by the best people. Our 22 Rigorous Step recruitment process means Workscreen only accepts the top 25% of all applicants for our on-site personnel.

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Whether you need a temp for a day or a permanent health professional, Workscreen can supply you with a Top Quartile professional to meet your expectations.

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You’ll enjoy all the benefits of outsourcing

Not only will you have a Top Quartile professional working within your team, you’ll also enjoy the benefits provided by a sub-contractor arrangement.

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You’ll always have our ‘total satisfaction or replacement’ guarantee

If you’re looking for the best health professionals to integrate with your existing team, Workscreen can help you. We’ve been placing health personnel on-site since 2006 and we’re more than happy to guarantee we’ll meet your expectations. If at any time you’re not totally satisfied, we’ll replace our personnel without interruption of service and we’ll also provide the period of handover for free.

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