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Heavy Machinery Ergonomics

Take the complex ergonomic issues of a computer workstation and increase the reaching tasks, add the danger of vehicle interaction and mix in some whole-body vibration and you find yourself in the operator seat of a heavy vehicle.  Combine all these ergonomic risks with the often long exposure times (12 hour back to back days), fatigue from 24 hour operations and the stress of production targets and it’s no surprise that machinery operators report almost twice the average number of injuries when compared to the national average.

Whilst the ergonomics of heavy machinery is complex, there are many incremental improvements that can be made on the journey to “ideal”. This journey can start with a Heavy Machinery Cab Risk assessment completed by industry-experienced staff from Workscreen Medical.

Machinery Ergonomics.jpg

Each assessment includes a minimum 4-page report and covers all aspects of cab ergonomics including:

  • Operators seat

  • Training seat

  • Vehicle controls

  • Cab environment (thermal, lighting, noise)

  • Whole-body vibration assessment

  • Operators ability to setup cab

  • Postural review

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