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Employment Medicals

Workscreen Medical provides specialist employment medicals for countless clients including local small businesses, large national businesses, hospital & aged care and mining, oil and gas majors.  Employment medicals are broadly classified as pre-employment medicals, periodic medicals, and exit medicals.


"Workscreen Medical provides a thorough, quality controlled employment medical result - on time, every time. Our seamless post-assessment process means you'll have results by the start of the next business day."

Pre-Employment Medicals

Pre-employment medical assessment screens potential employees for factors that may limit their capacity to safely perform their duties and avoid injury.  This baseline health assessment should be performed before the worker commences their employment.

The examinations are completed by Occupational Technicians and Occupational Health Doctors who have a good understanding of occupational risk factors.

There are many benefits of conducting pre-employment medical assessments, including:

  • Increased likelihood that employees will be successful in their positions

  • Reduction in workplace injuries

  • Reduced downtime

  • A safer workplace

  • Increased employee retention and reduction in costs associated with turnover (eg. hiring and training costs)

  • Improved productivity

By choosing Workscreen Medical you will benefit from:

  • Using our pre-employment systems developed over 20-years.

  • Employees having all their testing done at one appointment with the shortest wait times in the industry.

  • Our seamless post-assessment process means you will have results by the start of the next business day (note: same-day results available on request).

Workscreen Pre-Employment Medicals are customised for each client.  Baseline assessments for our standard pre-employment medical and comprehensive pre-employment medical are as follows:

*screening by doctor only, see Functional Assessments if requiring functional & fitness assessments

Depending upon your requirements, pre-employment medicals often also include additional assessments:

Stethoscope Over Cardiogram

 Occupational Screening

Audiograms (hearing tests)


Drug & Alcohol Testing


Blood Tests



Physical Capacity and Fitness Assessments assess whether the candidate has the physical capacity to perform the proposed role safely.

Health Surveillance Screening


Crystalline Silica






Workscreen Medical can perform a variety of statutory medicals such as commercial drivers and rail medicals

Railroad workers

Periodic Medicals

Periodic Medical

Periodic medical assessment allows companies to monitor and maintain employee health over time, comparing results with previous records to identify potential concerns.  They also ensure that your workforce is remaining fit and productive for their respective roles, reduce worker injury and disability, reduce health costs over time and support your team's long term health.  Periodic medicals can also ensure that employees are not being adversely affected by the work they are performing.

A number of industries are legally required to perform periodic medical examinations where employees may be exposed to noise, dust, vibration, chemicals of hazardous substances.  Periodic medicals designed to meet their specific industry/workplace hazards include:

  • Hazardous substances health monitoring

  • Mining Medicals

  • Commercial driver medicals

  • Rail safety worker medicals

Exit Medical

Exit Medicals

Employee exit medicals can mitigate risk by ensuring an employee's health has not been negatively impacted by the job they are leaving.  Exit medicals set a baseline for employee health as the employee leaves your business, protecting you from future insurance claims or misappropriate blame for future medical conditions. They are particularly helpful when exiting a position involving high-risk chemicals, noise, challenging physical environments or other safety issues on site.


Exit medicals can include general medical assessment, hearing tests, vision tests, spirometry (lung function) test and fitness tests.

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