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Respirator (Mask) Fit Test

Workscreen Medical are experienced in performing Quantitative Respirator Fit Tests using specialist equipment to measure the amount of leakage occurring at the face seal.  Workscreen technicians are able to test your staff on-site or at our office.  We can also perform a fit test during an employment medical.

A respirator fit test is required to meet the Australian Standard AS/NZS 1715 for users of a close-fitting facepiece. 


This should be performed at initial mask selection and again at least once per year for each type of respirator worn.  Additional tests are required if a person experiences any changes that may affect their Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) such as:

  • Significant increase / decrease in body weight

  • Dental changes

  • Wearer discomfort

  • Change in job role requiring a different type of respirator


There are two types of respirator fit testing: Qualitative and Quantitative.  Our quantitative fit testing service ensures the Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) will provide objective numerical results called a fit factor.  Unlike qualitative tests, this does not rely on the employee's response to taste, smell or other subjective measures which are less reliable.

Workscreen Medical can perform Quantitative Fit Tests on all single-use (disposable) respirators including P2/N95 masks, half-face reusable respirators and full-face respirators.

We are able to fit test most respirators available in Australia.  We are always able to provide fit tests to the following respirators, without the need to bring one with you (although you are welcome/encouraged to bring your own):

We are always able to provide fit tests to the following respirators, if you bring your respirator with you to the fit test:

If your respirator is not listed above, this does not mean that we cannot fit test that mask.

Please call us to ensure the appropriate equipment is available on the day of testing.

Facial Hair Policy

It is impossible to achieve an adequate face seal with facial hair lying between the tight-fitting respirator and the wearer's skin.  As such facial hair will prevent a satisfactory face seal and result in an unsuccessful (failed) mask fit test.

As such Workscreen Medical does not allow facial hair (including beards, moustaches and sideburns) when being fit tested.  All persons attending a fit test who have facial hair must be clean-shaven.  This means having a shave as close to your appointment time as reasonably possible and always within 12-hours.  The only possible exemption is fit testing a P2/N95 disposable respirator where a moustache does not cross the sealing surface of the mask.  If unsure, please shave.

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