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Job Demands Analysis

A Workscreen job demands analysis (JDA) will summarise the key manual handling risk areas within the workplace. This in-depth  JDA document contains all the relevant information about the “Critical Physical Demands” that the job requires an employee to perform.  These documents utilise the dictionary of occupational titles (DOT) task descriptors enabling the physical demands to be assessed and summarised in a highly useful and relevant format.

The format of our JDA enables a worker to be tested at pre-employment or when returning to work from injury directly against their job role.  The documents ultimately come together to form a “Rehabilitation Manual” or “Alternate Duties Register” that will provide invaluable information to:

  • Risk Managers

  • Human Resources

  • Workers Compensation Specialists

  • Injury Management Advisors

  • OSH Advisors

  • Treating Medical Practitioner’s

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